The Movement

Change is one thing.

Progress is another.

We believe that technology has the ability to inflict both positive and negative change on individuals and communities as a whole. While the Bell System’s Bell Labs will always be on the cutting-edge of research, a growing number of people are embracing a slower, more local, natural lifestyle. In response to modernization, capitalist corporations, and globalization, there is a growing movement of individuals counteracting this change by embracing a more simplistic, traditional lifestyle, characterized by the use of corded telephones instead of cordless or cellular phones, desktop computers instead of laptops and mobile devices, homecooked meals, organic food, slow transport, typewriters, telegrams, record players, DVDs, cassettes, floppy disks, VHS tapes, rural living, natural and holistic healing, acoustic instruments, handwritten letters, print newspapers, cursive handwriting (longhand), microgrids, incandescent light bulbs, renewable energy, classic cars, tiny homes, etc.

These individuals have nothing against progress, but they do against progress for progress’ sake. Self-driving cars, augmented and virtual reality, robots, microwave ovens, planned obsolescence and QR codes are big no-nos. They like to slow life down, live in the moment, and immerse themselves in reality. Heck, there’s even something resonating about dialing 0 in an emergency that you don’t get when you dial 9-1-1. We’ve all heard about 9-1-1 calls that don’t get answered right away.

The Bell System Board is proud to align themselves with this movement. We believe that as the future provider of universal landline service, the reinstated Bell System will be able to provide an essential utility service for all who desire it, while not taking away from the beauty of life itself. High-quality landline telephone service is especially vital to a fulfilling lifestyle. We believe that because we only live once, we should all take each and every opportunity to make the best of it and live life to the fullest.