Telephony & Telegraphy Resources (including Bell System Resources, Bell System Memorials, Bell System Collections, & Historical Websites)
Bell System Memorial
Bell System Documents
A look at the evolution of the Dial Telephone
The History of the Blue Bell Telephone Sign as implemented by New England T&T
Cowboy Frank
Telephone Topics – Magazines (PDFs)
The Mobile Telephone In Bell System Service, 1946-1993
Phil McCarter’s Telephone Switch Restorations (+Pictures)
Telephone Tribute
Telephone World
The Telephone File
Western Electric Card Catalog
Telephone Collectors International Library
Telephone Archive
Sam’s Telecomms Index
Antique Telephone History
Digital Telephone Exchange
Telecom Document Repository
Dial Tone
Old Phone Guy
Bell Labs Journals, 1922-present
Long Lines Documents
AT&T Long Lines Technical History Page
AT&T Long Lines
Long Lines Map
UPPR Pole Line
Historic AT&T Teletype Publications
TTY Intercept
1A2 Key Phone Systems
1A2 Multi-Line Phone Control Card
Doug’s Telephones
The Cedar Knoll Telephone and Telegraph Company
The Strowger Telecomms Page
The Strowger Appreciation Site
Strowger Net Technicalia
The Emergency Manual Switching System
Mieco 25A Code Phone Scrambler
Atlanta Telephone History
Old Telephone Books
Independent Telephone Company Web Pages
The WEATHERCHRON Company, INC. since 1963 to 2011
Windtalker Manual
In-Call Control of Ancillary Systems with Asterisk
Dumb Pay Stations and Asterisk
Asterisk 13: C*NET IAX Connection (
SIP For Dummies

Old-time Telephones: History, Design, Technology, Restoration – Ralph Meyer
ProSLIC Si3210/Si3211

PBXs, Collections, & Signaling
MIT Dormline Home Page
Article from The Tech (1963) about the Dormline numbering plan
Article from The Tech (1969) about Dormline upgrades
Article from The Tech (1971) about Dormline upgrades
Article from The Tech (1985) about dialing free long-distance calls from Dormline
Article from The Tech (1987) about the new 5ESS to replace Dormline
The MIT Dormitory Telephone System
Voice Network Signaling and Control
Understanding and Troubleshooting Analog E&M Start Dial Supervision Signaling
Analog Trunks – CenturyLink
Analog Trunks – Verizon
What are Analog DID Lines?
Analog Lines & Trunks
PBX Ground Path Tests
The Mitel Archive
Homemade PBX
Magneto Phone System
Those Old Phones
Fire Alarm Boxes Wiki
Oakl​and Fire and Police Call Boxes
Why S.F. still counts on street fire alarm boxes
SF trying to figure out how to bring old emergency call boxes into modern world
Uncovering the mystery of towels around San Francisco fire call boxes

Bell System Era Telephone Refurbishers and Resellers
Frill Free Phones
Bold Old Phones
Smith Gear
StopSmartMeters! Landline Store
Old Phone Works
A1 Telephone Service & Repair (+YouTube)
Steve Hilz Telephone Repair
Old Phone Man
Phone Vault
We Do Phones
D Station Cable

Telephone Numbering/Central Offices: Locations, Pictures & Information
Dial Around World (complete list of “1010” dial-around codes)
Feature Group D CIC Report — Complete List of 101xxxx Dial Around Codes
Telephone EXchange Name Project
Inside your local Phone Company
Inside the BT Telephone Exchange
SBC/AT&T IXC Test Line Directories
AT&T — Description of Test Lines
AT&T Prime Access Resource Library Telecom Database
World Telephone Numbering Guide
LincMad: Telephone Area Codes & Splits
List of all voice switches with exchanges in service 312 NPA
Local Calling Guide
Toronto telephone exchange geography
Montréal telephone exchange geography

Telephone Collecting Associations & Membership Groups
Telephone Collectors International
Antique Telephone Collectors Association
Australasian Telephone Collectors Society

Telephone Museums, Hobbyist Sites, Blogs & Chat Forums
C*NET: Collectors’ Network
octothorpe (#)
TELECOM Digest & Archives
My Phone Techs Forum
Sundance Communications Forum
Social Media’s Dial-Up Ancestor: The Bulletin Board System
OSUNY (Info)
Sysop of OSUNY
Vintage Computer Festival Midwest
Vintage Rotary Phones
Classic Rotary Phones
Classic Rotary Phones Forum
Gary’s Telephone Collector Info
Antique Telephone Collector Gary Goff Talks Candlesticks and Desk Sets
Antique and Vintage Telephones
Beefchicken Industries
Wiring Diagrams – Beefchicken Beta
The Telephone Museum (Maine)
The Telephone Museum (Boston)
This Boston museum is off-limits to almost everyone
An Art Deco makeover
New Hampshire Telephone Museum
JKL Museum
Museum of Communications
The Dutch Online Telephone Museum
Dom Pedro II and Alexander Graham Bell
200 years of history and 20 million valuable pieces GONE (Brazil)
Communications Museum Trust
The Old CATV Equipment Museum
Western Electric 387W Disk Microphone
Western Electric Type 387 Carbon Microphone
Western Electric Type 318-W “Chau-Phone” Microphone
Reverse Time Page
The Old CATV Equipment Museum
Western Electric 387W Disk Microphone
“Keep mustache out of the opening”: a history of phone etiquette
Phillip’s Code
Telephones of the Past Century
Gary’s Telephone Collector Info
The History of the Telephone on Prince Edward Island
What Killed Ma Bell? (04/01/1984)
Antique Telephone History
Frank H. Woods Telephone Pioneer Association Telephone Museum
The Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Companies
Los Angeles Telephone
Manufacture Discontinued
5/10/1988 – Illinois Bell Center Hit By Fire Was A Crucial One
3/11/1989 – 1988 Phone Crisis Tied To 1 Broken Power Line
3/12/1970 — Inside the New York Telephone Company
3/26/1970 — The Women of the Telephone Company
5/6/1971 — Working for the Telephone Company
Bell System logo redesign, by Saul Bass
Berg Telephone & Telegraph
Barbed Wire Telephone Lines Brought Isolated Homesteaders Together
Organizing Phone Lines In An Old Home
Phone Man’s Home Phone Wiring Advice
Doing your own telephone wiring
RJ31X Line Seizure Jack
Phone Line Basics
Phone Line Basics: Revisited
History–Eight Digit US telephone numbers? [telecom]

Telegraph & Rail
NRHS Telegraph
Morse Telegraph Club
Morse KOB
KOB Wire Numbers
Morse KOB Admin & Dev Site
Morse Code Tools 4.0
Research Resources for the History of Telegraphy And the Work of Women in the Telegraph Industry
Shorpy Historic Picture Archive: Ouray Depot – 1940 photo
Shorpy Historic Picture Archive: Railway station at Ophir, Colorado – 1940 photo
September 1940. “Railroad yards. Durango, Colorado.”
D&RGW Employee Timetables
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania Research
American Rails Railroad Related EMail Lists
Telegraph club celebrates Morse’s birthday in the Dells
New York Times Morse Wire Last Day 1951
Tennessee Valley Railroad
Ridgway Railroad Museum
Ouray County Ranch History Museum
Telegraph History

Rtty.Com Internet Teletype Demonstration
Amateur Radio Teletype
College Radio Stations
WCBN 1953-1960
Amateur Radio Station WJ1B

1964-1965 New York World’s Fair: Bell System Exhibit
Showcasing Technology at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair
1964-1965 World’s Fair: Bell System
1964-1965 World’s Fair: Bell System pg. 2
1964-1965 World’s Fair: Bell System pg. 3
1964-1965 World’s Fair: Bell System pg. 4
Communications Planning For Your Exhibit
The Picturephone Story
Feature of Bell System Exhibit

World’s Fair – General
Building the Bell System Pavilion
Bell System – 1939 World’s Fair
World’s Fair Pictures

Public Telephones (Phone Booths, Payphones, etc.)
Payphone Project
Payphone Project: O’Hare Airport Has Payphones. Lots Of Them.
Payphone Project: There are New Payphones at Penn Station
Payphone Project: (212) 477-3063 Is The New (702) 992-9550
Train Phones
The Phone Booth
Payphone Directory
Payphone Help (Payphone Supplier)
PAYPHONE411 – Protel Manuals
Notes on Western Electric (Bell System) Coin Telephone Locks
Notes on Western Electric (Bell System) Coin Telephone Locks (archived copy)
New York City Phone Booths
NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: UPPER WEST SIDE; A Booth Where You Might Dial Butterfield 8 – 12/20/1998
And Then There Were Four: Phone Booths Saved on Upper West Side Sidewalks – 2/10/2016
Upper West Sider Pens Tale of the ‘Lonely Phone Booth’
Last call for the phone booth?
The Lonely Phone Booth by Peter Ackerman (2010, Hardcover)
Mojave Phone Booth
The Original Mojave Phone Booth Site
Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth [book]
99% Invisible Interview 202: Mojave Phone Booth
NPR Mojave Phone Booth Interview
The legendary Mojave Phone Booth is back
Payphones Today
What Killed the Pay Phone?
Payphone’s last call hasn’t yet come
Payphones Still Make Millions of Dollars
In the age of cell phones, pay phones get a new number
Pennsylvania Turnpike hanging up on pay phones
Verlot ranger station pay phone removed, then reinstalled
There are still 100,000 pay phones in America
Siri, what’s a pay phone?
Search for the elusive pay phone finds few hanging on in Omaha
Pay phones as rare as unicorns, but still exist
Hear What Every Neighborhood Was Like 20 Years Ago from Any Payphone in Manhattan
Old Payphone Advertisement
Payphone Comic

Phreaking Fun!
Project MF
Phone Trips
Evan Doorbell’s Phone Tapes
Evan Doorbell – SoundCloud
The History of Phone Phreaking
The History of Phone Phreaking Blog
Exploding The Phone
Beyond The Little Blue Box
Beyond The Little Blue Box – Kickstarter
Phone Phreaking
Phone Phreaking : Boxes and Box Plans
List of Phreaking Boxes
Secrets of the Little Blue Box
Secrets of the Little Blue Box
Joybubbles Documentary: Press
Stories and Stuff, by Joybubbles
Joybubbles Archive
2600: The Hacker Quarterly
LERG (Wikipedia)
LERG Chapter 3 Sample
Why Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak hacked the phone network

Phreaking Conferences
HOPE – Archive (Past Conferences)
The Cheshire Catalyst

Phreaking Forums
Binary Revolution – Old Skool Phreaking
Binary Revolution – ThoughtPhreaker
Copy of TestlineReport.pdf – from BellSouth

Phreaking Files
Text Files
Text Files – Phone Phreaking
Text Files – Historical BBS List
Frequently Asked Questions About Red Boxing
Dealing with the Rate & Route Operator
Usenet Archives – Telephone
The Hacker Crackdown
Nettwerked – Telecom Security
Hack Canada – Phreaking
TUCoPS 3.0
Caller ID Phreaking
Phreaking Boxes
Old Skool Phreak

Other Resources That May Be Of Some Interest To The Typical Telephone Hobbyist
The Shortwave Radio Audio Archive
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Ernestine – Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In
Telephone Songs (DTMF)
DTMF Tone Detector (Decoder)
Audacity – Phonanalyzer DTMF Decoder Plugin
Audacity – MF Generator Plugin
Audacity – Custom DTMF Generator Plugin
Cyberpunks – Katie Hafner
The History of the Telephone – Herbert Newton Casson
A Vaccine Against Telemarketers?
Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend
Whatever Happened to the Phone Phreaks?
1983 Phone Strike
Elmer Cat
Ericsson History Sources
Remington Noiseless
California Typewriter
Titanic’s Engine-Order Telegraphs
47 Hottest Phones of All Time
BIOS Password Recovery for Laptops