Telephony Resources (including Bell System Resources, Bell System Memorials, Bell System Collections, & Historical Websites)
Bell System Memorial
Bell System Documents
Cowboy Frank
Phil McCarter’s Telephone Switch Restorations (+Pictures)
Telephone Tribute
Telephone World
The Telephone File
Telephone Collectors International Library
Telephone Archive
Sam’s Telecomms Index
Antique Telephone History
Telecom Document Repository
Dial Tone
Old Phone Guy
Long Lines Documents
Historic AT&T Teletype Publications
The Strowger Appreciation Site
Old Telephone Books
Historical BBS List

Bell System Era Telephone Refurbishers and Resellers
Frill Free Phones
Bold Old Phones
Smith Gear
StopSmartMeters! Landline Store
Old Phone Works
A1 Telephone Service & Repair (+YouTube)
Old Phone Man
Phone Vault

Central Offices: Locations, Pictures & Information

Telephone Collecting Associations & Membership Groups
Telephone Collectors International
Antique Telephone Collectors Association
Australasian Telephone Collectors Society

Telephone Museums, Hobbyist Sites, Blogs & Chat Forums
C*NET: Collectors’ Network
Classic Rotary Phones
Classic Rotary Phones Forum
Gary’s Telephone Collector Info
New Hampshire Telephone Museum
Museum of Communications
The Old CATV Equipment Museum
Morse Telegraph Club
Gary’s Telephone Collector Info
The History of the Telephone on Prince Edward Island
Antique Telephone History
Antique Telephone History
The Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Companies
Los Angeles Telephone
Manufacture Discontinued
3/12/1970 — Inside the New York Telephone Company
3/26/1970 — The Women of the Telephone Company
5/6/1971 — Working for the Telephone Company

Public Telephones (Phone Booths, Payphones, etc.)
Payphone Project
Train Phones
The Phone Booth
Payphone Directory
Payphone Help (Payphone Supplier)
Mojave Phone Booth
The Original Mojave Phone Booth Site
99% Invisible Interview 202: Mojave Phone Booth
NPR Mojave Phone Booth Interview

Phreaking Fun!
The History of Phone Phreaking
The History of Phone Phreaking Blog
Exploding The Phone
Phone Phreaking
Phone Phreaking : Boxes and Box Plans
List of Phreaking Boxes
Secrets of the Little Blue Box
Joybubbles Documentary: Press
2600: The Hacker Quarterly
Phreaking Boxes
Frequently Asked Questions About Red Boxing

Other Resources (Sites, Articles, etc.) That May Be Of Some Interest To The Typical Telephone Hobbyist
A Vaccine Against Telemarketers?
Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend
1983 Phone Strike
Elmer Cat
Ericsson History Sources